All of this season anime on my list has been right on the dot so far.

I have been waiting for Mononoke Episode 1 fansub to come out. I found in on crunchyroll when I woke up from my 6 hours nap. (Yes it is a nap, I woke up at 7 today after 3 hours of sleep to drive my sister to the Union Station) Ignoring the work that I was supposed to do, I watched it, take screen caps and now I am writting this entry.

Opening Sequence

Ending Sequence

I am happy that there are a lot of Japanese art which are incorporated into the anime. It inspires me. The storyline pattern is the same as Bake Neko, the last part of the Ayakashi Japanese Classic Horror. Although of course, the Medicine Seller is facing a different mononoke. FYI, Mononoke is a poltergeist spirit which lives in inanimate objects. They can be driven away by chanting powerful Buddhist sutras. According to the fansubber, Shinsen Subs, the Medicine Seller’s practice derives from Mikkyo Buddhism Sammitsu.

The Medicine Seller, the Okami and the Pregnant Lady

The first episode is about a mononoke called “Zashikiwarashi,” which means the guardian of the home. The Medicine Seller walked into an inn to stay for the night. Soon after, a pregnant lady begs for a room claiming that she is on the run and she and her child will die from her pursuer and the rain if she is not given a room. She reveals her face and turned out to be a blond caucasian women fashioning a Japanese geisha hairstyle. Unfortunately, the Drug Seller has already taken the last room. After deliberating, the Okami (owner of the inn) finally gave her the room on the very top floor that is not usually rented to customers. Of course this is the mononoke room.

The mononoke materialization consists of daruma dolls, children voices, birth water and a wide slanted eyed child. The Drug seller detected its presence and pasted paper charms on the walls of the inn. But this is not enough. The mononoke still appears in front of the pregnant lady. It even help her when her pursuer tried to kill her. He ended up dead, floating on the ceiling, dripping birth water.

Like in Bake Neko, the Medicine Seller’s Sword of Exorcism can only be unsheathed if form, truth and regret are present. From Bake Neko, I conclude that mononoke comes to existence because of a cruel action that occurs in the area which it resides. He asked the frightened Okami and her employee to reveal the truth and regret.

I am speculating that the Okami had done something bad to a pregnant woman or she was once pregnant and had done something cruel to her child. But I’ll leave that for episode 2 to reveal.

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