One of the things that I have learn from the Japanese earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis is to choose your source of news well. Instead of reports on the real earthquake and tsunami victims, unfortunately, the nuclear crisis has taken up more page space and airtime. I think people has their priorities messed up here. It angers me that international attention has shifted from what is truly more important. To make matter worse, a lot of international media are blowing up the nuclear crisis out of proportion, feeding people wrong information and utter panic.

This had triggered a massive purchase of iodine outside Japan, alongside with screaming parents telling their expats children to come home. I am not saying that people should not take precaution. I think I want to keep my family in a safe distance from any radiation leakage. But, what I am against is misinformation. What is the safe distance? I mean, why are people in the US and Australia freaking out and started hoarding iodine supplements when there’s no need to?

An Italian media has reported that the current radiation measurement in Tokyo is lower than in Rome. Tokyo: 0.04μSv, Rome: 0.25μSv (via @tomoakiyama).  So should people in Rome start taking iodine supplements? If readings in Tokyo is this low, I doubt the radiation carried over the sea is going to be devastating. Common sense.

Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Reactor is not at all like Chernobyl. The type of nuclear reactor is different and Chernobyl does not have the encasement that Fukushima has. Worse case scenario is not going to be even close to what happened in Chernobyl.  I am going to refer you to a more reliable source than me. I am not a science person. Here you go:
Mutantfrog’s Radiation Safety Update
Gakuranman’s Tohoku Great Earthquake Update complete with worse case scenario explanations and sources
JapanProbe’s Comparing Chernobyl & Fukushima

Anyway, going back to my misinformation by the media topic, Robert Zubrin of the National Review had written, “Anti-Nuclear Press Puts Japanese Lives at Risk.”

Check out the Japanese Earthquake article wall of shame. It is a growing list of fear mongering and misinformed articles.

Japan Probe has been featuring stupid articles written by irresponsible writers:
Media Sensationalism: BBC vs. Huffington Post

My point is: More recovery and relief reports, less nuclear hysteria. I want to know more about the condition in the progress and condition in the tsunami affected areas. People need to focus on aid and rescue than serving their own anti nuclear agenda or saving themselves from an non-existent threat.

I hope my blog readers prefers smiling ear to ear over a survival story than stressing out about a non-existent nuclear radiation leak. And please, don’t believe everything the media says.

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