Another Japanese dessert store has open in Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta. First Love Patisserie. Thousand layer cake a la Hokkaido. Apparently the patisserie has been in business since the end of 2010, but this is the first time I’ve seen its outlet. According to a Jakarta Globe interview of the owners it seems that the brand came out of Malaysia.

I'm sorry for the bad picture, I took this with my blackberry.

When I first saw it yesterday, I tugged James, “Look, Baukumchen!” We immediately went over and picked some tiny samples. Wow, delish! It turned out that it was not baukumchen. It was something better. Placed in between countless paper thin crepes are equally thin layer of vanilla cream. Yummy mille crepe One bite, I was caught. Good bye ‘back to my original weight by July dream.’

The cake is not sold by the slice, so we had to get the smallest size which is 20cm in diameter. There are four flavors: original, cookies & cream, Japanese green tea and coffee, but only the first two are ready stock; the others require two days of advance order. I chose the original. I paid Rp. 280,000 for it. A good value for the effort to make the cake. One of the sales lady tried to talk me into buying two. I found it annoying the second time. I forgive her, because the cake is so good. Anyway…

Hokkaido Thousand Layer Cake GET!

It came in a box and wrapped with a nice wrapping, a common practice in Japan. I’m sorry, I didn’t have a chance to take a picture, my husband ripped the packaging right off when we got home. They gave us an orange reusable bag to carry it with; it fits the box perfectly. The bag makes the box really easy to carry. However, I think the orange color is kind of tacky and the printing is poor quality. Totally not synonymous with the Japanese kind of style. They didn’t provide any dry ice, which is a downer since their flyer obviously stated that the cake will loose its optimum quality after 2 hours.

Like I mentioned, James wanted to have a slice right away when we got home. When he opened the box, he told me, “This is so troublesome to cut.” Pardon him, he didn’t do any house work before we got married. But, Just my luck! I got to take pictures before he devours the mille crepe.

The appearance of the cake looks handcrafted. The uneven edges showed the effort of the baker, stacking alternating thin layers one by one. Perfect imperfection. So to speak.

There’s a cute instruction paper that comes in the box. The cake will last 7 days in the freezer, 3 days in the chiller and 7 hours in room temperature.

The 20cm cake is a bit too much for the two of use to finish in a week. I can’t imagine the weight I will be gaining. Plus, we really don’t want to grow tired of the cake. So, I am sharing a quarter each for our mothers. I then divided our half to 8 wedges. The serving suggestion of this size is 12 slices, however I think 16 pieces is easier on the palate and on my lazy metabolism (less fat!!!). The size was just right for an afternoon snack.

The combination of cream and crepes is just right. There is no such overpowering sweetness nor richness. The very top layer is glazed with caramelized sugar. It was a good treat to be eaten by itself. Great treat after a day out, very refreshing. The cake had been out of the freezer for more than an hour, so it was a bit soggy, but it was still good. James had seconds after dinner. The cake had spent about 3 hours in the freezer and he waited 15 minutes before eating it, just as the instruction sheet recommends. He told me it was much delicious.

I highly recommended this cake. To be enjoyed with tea or coffee.

Next time I am going to order the green tea flavor and have it delivered! Ah, sinful dessert just a phone call away.

First Love Patisserie
+62 21 3623 2828
+62 818 0884 3888
+62 878 8768 0444
BB Pin: 22687290
Facebook: firstlovecake

Disclaimer: I am in not affiliated with or commissioned by First Love Patisserie in any way. This is my own opinion and views. Although, if they want to give me kudos, I don’t mind free green tea layer cake. *wink wink*
Note: We have one slice left. It’s mine!
Update (5/15): Last night James INVITED me to share the last piece, since we shared his second serving last Saturday. He INSISTED. I am ordering the green tea flavor for his birthday now.

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