I haven’t watch Japanese dorama for ages.

It’s not that I haven’t have any chance to sit in solitude in front of my laptop watching streaming episodes, nor the tv to watch bootleg Japanese drama DVDs. I rarely watch TV or anything. I don’t think it’s a good idea to watch while spending time with Chloe. I feel like I would be neglectful. I would be concentrating on the screen and not paying much attention to her. Naturally, she will also be fixated to the screen. The thoughts of Chloe being overly stimulated, being more and more addicted to TV as she grows older and exposing her to inappropriate content are enough deterrent. So no TV other than Baby Einsten for half an hour every day.

My free time comes when Chloe is snoozing. Calling it free time might be a bit of an overstatement. There are always things to do, manga to read, quality time with the Mr. and more manga to read. After the hubby is sleeping, I continue to read manga before I go sleep. It is a silent me time until Chloe wakes up for her dream feed, or so I said. In reality, I am addicted to reading manga. Chuckle.

One of these nights, I must try to watch a drama episode or two before I go to sleep for a change. I must find out why the heck they decided to remake GTO this season, one of my favorite drama of all time and a classic. Of course, in the dark, using an earphone, in a low volume.

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