One of my bridesmaid got hitched last month and will be going to Japan for her honeymoon. Naturally, she asked me for pointers. I recommended that she must go to the Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan, one of the largest public aquariums in the world!

Osaka Kaiyukan - by p@ragon on flickr

Kaiyukan (Ring of Fire) takes aquarium visitors to the fresh and salt water habitats around the Pacific Ocean, dividing it to ten different areas. The massive building holds 11,000 tons of water and its inhabitants, including two majestic whale sharks. I wonder how long it took them to insert everything into the building. Moreover, that such building can hold so much water, plants, animals and people is amazing.

The time we spent in Kaiyukan was one of the most memorable and enjoyable aquarium experience for James and I. The facilities are very clean, comfortable and tourist friendly. If you wish you can rent an audio tour device which give you explanation about each exhibition. They also have very cute souvenir. I regret for only grabbing a magnet. I will get more when we return with Chloe.

I got to admit, our pictures didn’t turn out very good. I was also not feeling too well. It was the second day of my mysterious eye infection. :( Here are some of the passable ones.

It was silver week (Japanese national holiday) and there were a lot of visitors. We gave up lining up for this one.

The Japanese beaver was so cute! I got myself the magnet version.

Seals and their trainers

Seals and their trainers

Capybara is very popular in Japan.

I was entranced by this particular tortoise for some reason.

Looking at these gentle giants swimming around, my heart felt serene and at peace. No exaggeration.

For more information and direction, please visit the Aquarium Kaiyukan’s official website.

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