This blog is an outlet for me to share my interest in Japan, that had gone beyond Anime, Manga and Music since I started blogging in 2007. I don’t watch much anime or jdrama anymore, though I am still a pretty much manga addict. My daily life, though, is increasingly surrounded by Japanese things.

Why do I love Japan so much?

Japan is so much fun to visit! Food is delicious, so much nice things to buy. The country is fascinating. I am not much of a fan of the traditional, but its assimilation into modern Japan is very much interesting. Japan can also be many contradicting things; genius yet silly and weird, friendly yet distant, western culture obsessed yet engrish infested, and much more. It’s the culture’s imperfections and contradictions that makes it interesting to explore.

I am by no means want to be Japanese. I might want to live in Japan sans high living cost. I do not always agree with the Japanese way, but it adds a different perspective to my life.

Who am I in real life?

I am a newly wed, happily married to my husband who I converted into a Japan lover after a pre-wedding trip to Tokyo and Kyoto. I am entrepreneur and a freelance graphic designer & illustrator. Occasionally, I have to go out of town to take care of my venture, but most of the time I work from home; that makes me a housewife too.

Yes, I am very much open with my Japan addiction. I am not, or was not, a closet otaku. I think some of my friend still calls me Otaku Hime. I should let them know that I had retired :D .

What’s up with the header?

My husband accepts my fixation to my laptop, since he plays PS3 all the time anyway. Hence We have our mutual anti-social sessions, so it all works out. Of course, this does not result in abandonment of responsibilities and ‘we’ time :D .

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