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Frula: Gourmet Fruit Flavored Ramune

I’m a big fan of Ramune. It is not only tasty (original flavor), but the bottle is fun to open and drink out of. It’s one of the most entertaining beverage to drink ever. In the US, I can just run to a local Japanese or Korean groceries to grab one. Here in Jakarta, the drink is very rare and hard to find.

I found Frula, a gourmet ramune brand in Ranch Market 99, Jakarta last month. The label says that it is a fruits flavored gourmet drink. Only Lychee flavor was available, but Rakuten sells Mango and Le France flavors as well.

Japanese Drink: Minute Maid Hot Lemonade

Minute Maid Honey Lemon
I want to drink Minute Maid Hot Lemonade so bad! The drink had a great mixture of lemon and honey, perfect for a cold day. My sister got it from the hot drinks vending machine in Shinjuku Park. We couldn’t find it anywhere else.

When I returned, I tried squeezing lemon and mixing it with honey. But it was disastrous. Next time I will buy a lemonade mix, that might work better :) .

Pepsi Ice Cucumber

Pepsi had recently released this product in Japan. (06/23/07) According to Lars, it has the aroma of cucumber with melon after taste. Most of the opinions I’ve heard about it are bad.

I wonder if this product will survive. But then again, many weird products and flavors continue to thrive there.

Articles about Pepsi Ice Cucumber:
Cucumber-Flavored Soda Sold in Japan (Washington Post)

Pepsi Ice Cucumber (


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