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Faux Kobe Beef

Kobe beef. Its name has soar far and wide across the globe as the premium of Japanese beef. Regardless the fact that its lower standing in Japan, outside Japan Kobe beef is all the rave. Interestingly, Matsuzaka beef, its superior, is less well known. People outside Japan flock to high class restaurants, willing to pay premium above premium just to have a bite of Kobe. Little do they know, what they are having is a fake branded beef.

I savored my first faux Kobe Beef in 2006, in a Japanese restaurant, downtown Chicago.

Ippudo SG Disappointment

My sister had told me great things about Ippudo Ramen in New York. She was absolutely in love with it. When we were in Singapore last May, she took my mom to try Ippudo Ramen branch in Singapore, named Singapore SG. My mom ended up loving it too. So, James and I just have to try it for ourselves.

Ippudo SG

Ippudo SG was located right under the hotel we were staying, Mandarin Orchard. It’s facade is very simple and nice, very Japan in spirit.

Ippudo SG Interior

The interior was well designed, but it wasn’t that comfortable nor cozy.

Manga Panel at Ippudo

There were three manga panels explaining what Hakata Ramen is in three different languages: Chinese, English and Japanese decorated the window.

Tonkotsu Ramen at Ippudo SG

Ramen Ippudo

Japanese Food Binging in ION Orchard, Singapore

I’ve read somewhere that Singapore is the most Japan loving country in the world. I think it is very true. I went there about 3 weeks ago and had a chance to experience it for myself. The abundance of Japanese food and goods is the most I have seen in one country outside Japan so far. I was quite surprised with the amount of Japanese food I was surrounded with. The most notable is ION Orchard; it was filled with so much Japanese stuff.

Here’s an ode to the good Japanese stuff a la ION Orchard.

Hokkaido Dango

These dango was so delicious.

Azukian Dango selection
Traditional Dango flavors

Ginza Bairin

I love Tonkatsu Don! It was delicious.

Line for Ginza Bairin
Regular Tonkatsu Don

Go! Go! Curry
Curry Rice

Go! Go! Curry
Executive & Economy Japanese Curry

Marvelous Cream
Ice Cream

Waffle Ice Cream @ Marvelous Cream
Cup Ice Cream Choices at Marvelous Cream

Men-Ya Kaiko
Hokkaido Ramen
Menya Kaiko - Hokkaido Ramen

nippon Ya
Japanese Snacks and Omiyage

Sushi Samba

Last Friday, me and my sister went to Sushi Samba in downtown Chicago before her flight back to Indonesia. The food was delicious and the interior is hip. Since it was lunch and nice out, we sat in the patio area. Next time, we are going to come back to eat the dinner and lounge. Their lounge area looks very chill. I want to try their brunch too. The Brazilian fusion sushi restaurant has seven location: Chicago, Dallas, New York (3) and Tel Aviv.

Green Envy and Rainbow Dragon

Green Envy: wasabi pea crust, tuna, salmon, asparagus & aji amarillo-key lime mayo
Rainbow Dragon: freshwater eel, red bell pepper, cucumber, mango & avocado

Unagi Tamago Roll (not on the menu)

504 North Wells Chicago, IL 60610

312-595-2300, fax: 312-595-0532

Sunday ・Tuesday 11:45am – Midnight
Wednesday – Thursday 11:45am ・1am
Friday – Saturday 11:45am ・2am

Sunday 11:45am ・3:30pm


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