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Curry Pilaf with Chicken Teriyaki

There used to be a fast food stand called Otafuku Tei in Mitsuwa, Arlington Heights Chicago. I was very attached to their Chicken Pilaf. It was perfect when paired with Chicken Teriyaki. Sadly the place closed. I had been craving for the pilaf. I tried looking for recipes around the net, but just couldn’t find any that would produce the same taste.

Last sunday, I was reminiscing and drooling at the same time. I gave google another try. I found it. The holy gray of the elusive Pilaf recipe. I can’t remember what keywords I used (and too lazy to look it up in my browser history), but I do remember saying: “Damn, curry. Why didn’t I think of that?” Yeah ladies and gents, the key ingredient of the pilaf is Japanese curry blocks. Thank you Two Girls Forking for the Curry Pilaf recipe. My pilaf turned out not too bad for the first try. I cooked it with mushroom and Bali stripped ham. The flavor of the ham didn’t really match, so next time I will use chicken. It would had tasted better with Japanese rice, but we don’t have that at home.

My First Home Made Hambaagaa

I had been dying to make Hambaagaa, the pimped up steak burger a la Yoshoku, but I had an ingredient issue. It was impossible to find cooking red wine used for the sauce in Jakarta. After weeks of search, I grumbled to James about my little problem. He called up his wine importer friend, and in a week or so, he brought home a giant 2 liter bottle of cooking red wine. (I love you!) I hope it’ll last for one year. Anyway, I put it to good use right away.

My first home made Hambaagaa

I followed the Hambaagaa recipe from Just Hungry. I used store bought panko instead of home made bread crumbs as instructed, but it still turned out great. My husband loved it very much. The red wine sauce was delicious, though next time I am going to try adding mushroom. I served it with oven baked Japanese sweet potatoes and Creamed Spinach.

Sick Day Food Play Part I: Matcha Cookies

Summer break is here! Well not for me~ But for my li’l sis. Rejoice! She is back from school. I am very close with my sister, despite the 5 year gap. I have been quite lonely, so it was great having her at home.

Me and my sister loves cooking and baking. Actually, she concluded that we love playing with food. really is our food porn. We were browsing it a week ago or so and found delicious looking matcha cookies recipe. I immediately purchased matcha powder after work.

We didn’t make the cookies until last Tuesday. I was not feeling good, and I decided to take a sick day. My sister stayed at home with me and the day turned into a food playtime. I sprayed the pans, sprinkle sugar on top of the cookie dough, take pictures and make sweet comments. My sister did everything else. Hey! I was sick.

Matcha Munchies – 12 Recipes Linkage

When the Japanese created matcha ice cream, most of the world including me thought that they are crazy. Green tea and ice cream? They must be kidding. Year after year the range of food using matcha as component and flavoring expanded; more and more people had taken a liking to its unique taste. We can find food and drinks such as matcha sorbet, matcha cupcakes, matcha cookies, etc in the groceries store. People even started experimenting in their own kitchen.

I am too interested in trying making some matcha munchies at home. Again, I thank the lord for the invention of the internet, if not I would never know what fun other people are doing in their kitchen with matcha. Here are some goodness I’d love to try!

Best Matcha Cocoa Brownies

By Fresh From the Oven


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