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First Love Patisserie: Hokkaido Thousand Layer Cake

Another Japanese dessert store has open in Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta. First Love Patisserie. Thousand layer cake a la Hokkaido. Apparently the patisserie has been in business since the end of 2010, but this is the first time I’ve seen its outlet. According to a Jakarta Globe interview of the owners it seems that the brand came out of Malaysia.

I'm sorry for the bad picture, I took this with my blackberry.

When I first saw it yesterday, I tugged James, “Look, Baukumchen!” We immediately went over and picked some tiny samples. Wow, delish! It turned out that it was not baukumchen. It was something better. Placed in between countless paper thin crepes are equally thin layer of vanilla cream. Yummy mille crepe One bite, I was caught. Good bye ‘back to my original weight by July dream.’

For the Love of Sweet Things

I was having a hard time choosing new snacks to buy today. They were stocking the shelves and when I got there. There were so many things I want to eat. I ended up getting so many sweet snacks and cakes.

Kashiwa Mochi
This is my first time trying this type of Mochi. It looks promising.

A funny thing, in the bottom of the packaging there’s a warning:

LOL! This snack sound hazardous =D. And what is Texture Children!? Somebody got to proofread. (Who am I to say? My grammar sucks!)

Kuri (Chestnut) Manju
I am not a great fan. It’s kind of dry.

Caramel Coffee Baumkuchen
This cake is pretty big. I spot this kind all the time. Apparently there are different types and flavored. It reminds me of Indonesian layer cake.


I decided that I will continue to let you guys take a peek of what Japanese groceries I buy. Of course, every time they will be something different. I’m going to try something new every time. Maybe I can help you guys choose what new Japanese food, snacks or drinks you will to buy next.


Guilty Pleasure

on demand cake Pound Cake
I picked this cake out because of the catchy name and label. They kind of motivates me to eat it for breakfast. It is not the best over the shelf pound cake, but it is pretty good. I must commend that it does not have the overpowering taste of eggs and not too sweet. I don’t mind eating this for on-the-go breakfast once in a while. I suggest not eating it right away after you take it out of the fridge. Let it sit in room temperature for a couple of minutes until the texture turns softer.


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