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Hime’s 200th Post Contest Winner Announcement

Thank for everybody who participated! I appreciate that you had taken time to suggest activities for James and I to do during our honeymoon – coming next week. So here comes the contests winner announcement!!


The winner is: Yamada Yosio
Suggestion: Moon Viewing Festival in Kyoto

Random pick winner: Bluedrakon


Hime’s 200th Post Contest – Prizes: Pure Trance Figures & Usagi Mirror

It has been 3 years and and almost 5 months since I first published my first post. I’ve been slow in posting, but without knowing it, I finally reached my 200th post. Maintaining this blog has not only improved my writing and how I organized my thoughts, but it also deepen my love of Japan.

Looking back, I named this blog Otaku Hime because I was a heavy manga and anime fan; hence the ‘Otaku’. In addition, I had an internal princess complex which surface once in a while. Anyway, I am still a princess every now and then. I still view myself as an otaku, but in a different approach compared to the olden days. I don’t watch anime as much anymore, but I read manga a lot more than ever. I think I am a more educated Japan connoisseur. I am more into manga, food, travel and merchandise compared to my anime, manga and music themed posts back in the days. I think my numerous trips to Japan helps shaped my change of interests. I can’t help but wonder what I would be interested about 200 posts in the future.


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