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I’m Pregnant!

I think it’s about time I tell you guys that my husband and I are expecting a baby. I’m about 4 months into my pregnancy.

I am shamelessly admitting that my daily activities have been reduced to very light house work, twittering, watching anime, Castle and CSI, sleeping, eating, playing neopets and puking. I rarely go out, other than for check ups, church and occasional dinner. If I have crazy hard to get munchies craving, my li’l sis search the city for it. My mum send a driver almost everyday to deliver abundant food for lunch, and if that’s not enough for dinner, my husband buys dinner for us. My husband even goes to the supermarket to grab random stuff for me. Yes, I have turn into a semi hikikomori, if not spoiled.

My Clinic Opening

To be honest, I had already written up a post last week, but I haven’t gotten a chance to process the pictures.

I have been busy with the grand opening of the clinic which franchise I co-owned, erha clinic in Pekan Baru, Indonesia. We will be officially open for business this Friday – 28th of January 2011. I am flying out tomorrow morning. I got to wake up at 4:00AM to catch my 7:00AM flight. That is in 7 hours. I will be back next Tuesday night.

I will try my best to finish that post up and write another one if I can. We got wi-fi in my clinic and I am sure I will have a lot of free time on Sunday as well. See you then!!!

Welcome to the World of Me

Yokoso Minna.

After Angel‘s hard work of catering to my requests and hours that I spent re-categoring Otaku Hime’s old post, Vaneea no Sekai is open for business just a bit before midnight December 23rd 2010. Angel is one of the most professional web designer I have ever work with.

I am so excited. As much as I love being the self declared Otaku Hime, I have grown out of my otaku self and become the me today. I need a better platform to share my interest, finds and views to you, my readers, without the boundary of the ‘otaku’ label. I mean, it was getting weird that most of my recent posts are not otaku related, even though the word is a part of my blog title. Hence, the new name, the new look and hopefully the improved content. is now

Hi all!

I am happily announcing that I have grown up from my otaku shell and now will take a new address for my blog, :) In addition, I will be migrating to WordPress. Angel, an Indonesian website designer/developer is working on the layout design :) . Please bear with me and blog hiccups as we transition to a better blog :)

Internet Access, Yay! Plus, Migration to WordPress

YATTA!!! I finally have internet running on my laptop after 3 weeks. I finally have time to sit my ass down in Starbucks to take care of some online chores.

I recently moved into our new condo. It’s a brand new building and the building management have not install any internet. Can you imagine my life without any internet? I only had my blackberry to tweet and read articles. It’s been quite frustrating. I hope my internet returns soon.

Well, I am just checking in to let you guys know I am still alive. I have been sitting here for 4 hour; I used 2 hours to do some research on web hosting. After an extensive deliberation, I finally chose one and paid for 3 years of subscription. I will be moving my website to the new hosting and will also host my blog there.


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