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Fresh Kawaii Fabric from Japan to My Stash

After two meetings and an errand, I arrived home in the afternoon to catch a 20 minutes break before having to leave again. I went to the kitchen to grab a cold drink, but instead I got a very nice surprise. I had ordered some Japanese fabric from cottonblue last weeek. It arrived faster than I expected. I am very very happy.

All the fabric turns out the way I expected them to be! Cute and in good quality. I wish that I had purchased more of the apple and bird canvas fabric. I am going to turn them into fabric boxes! I hope I have enough.

Tenugui and Furoshiki


During my visit to Japan, I happened to come across two stores in Mosaic Street, Shinjuku, Tokyo that carried Tenugui: Karan Colon Kyouto and Koiki. Tenugui is a dyed cotton cloth which usually comes in 35x90cm size.

Here’s a description that I took from the Kamawanu info sheet I received from Koiki:

“[It was] used as a wiping tool such as a towel or a hankerchief, [and] also used as a bandage and a headwear in the old days, On the other hand, since it was possible to dye various graphic design on the Tenugui, it also came to be used in the place of a greeting card or a business card. And recently, people have found even more ways to use it, from place mats to tapestry for decorating their homes.”

Tenugui Wall Decoration from Koiki
Details: Purple flower, Monkey, Lotus


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