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Don’t be Eaten by Misinforming Nuclear Crisis News (and Pay More Attention to Disaster Relief)

One of the things that I have learn from the Japanese earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis is to choose your source of news well. Instead of reports on the real earthquake and tsunami victims, unfortunately, the nuclear crisis has taken up more page space and airtime. I think people has their priorities messed up here. It angers me that international attention has shifted from what is truly more important. To make matter worse, a lot of international media are blowing up the nuclear crisis out of proportion, feeding people wrong information and utter panic.

This had triggered a massive purchase of iodine outside Japan, alongside with screaming parents telling their expats children to come home. I am not saying that people should not take precaution. I think I want to keep my family in a safe distance from any radiation leakage. But, what I am against is misinformation. What is the safe distance? I mean, why are people in the US and Australia freaking out and started hoarding iodine supplements when there’s no need to?

The Great Tohoku Earthquake

God bless Japan.

As most of you know, an 8.9 magnitude (richter scale) earthquake hits 130 km off Sendai yesterday around 2:46PM local time, triggering a massive tsunami. I didn’t follow the aftermath through the internet 2 hours after.

The first thing I did was make sure all my twitter buddies are safe, and then tried to make a call to friends whom cell phone numbers I had in hand. I found out soon enough ALL cellular networks are down and people are forced to queue all around Tokyo for free public phone use. Miraculously, however, internet service was up and twitter was on steam.

Around 11:30PM Japan time, I tuned into NHK live streaming and saw what I described to my husband as hell on earth. Kesenuma City, Miyagi was on fire. My twitter friend told me that the tsunami had distributed oil spill all over the city and triggered fire all over the city. I was just praying that nobody is being burned alive.

Aside from twitter, here are some websites with updated information regarding the Great Tohoku earthquake:
Nihongo Up
Surviving Japan Without Much Japanese

One of the biggest concern in Japan is the situation in the Fukushima Nuclear Reactor. Here’s a NY Times article about it.

The first people I thought about after my friends were Monkey Majik members who are in Sendai. They are coping with the disaster. You can follow Blaise’s twitter for the most recent news on what’s going on there.

Other tweeps to follow are: @durf, @gakuranman, @goodpeoplejapan, @kimiecat, @japantimes, @sandrajapandra and @survivingjapan.

My Thoughts

First and foremost, my family and I extends our condolences to all the victims and their family. My dad called me and was surprisingly worried about how my friends were doing in Japan. I am glad everybody is fine. I hope every Japanese stay strong and vigilant in facing the earthquake aftermath. Most of all, I pray that the death toll will not rise significantly and the lost will be found. Oh one more thing, I hope the nuclear crisis will be handled swiftly and safely.

60 Years Old Japanese Woman Got Pregnant with Donor Embryo

Desire to bear a child can be so strong that a 60 year old Japanese elderly traveled to the U.S. to be impregnated through in-vitro fertilization. She will be the first single woman to give birth to a baby conceived with a donated egg, as only couples are allowed to do so. Even though women can go through the fertilization overseas, medical institution are also prohibited to treat them. Yahiro Netsu, gynecologist at Suwa Maternity Clinic in Nagano recognize her passion and determination and decided to accept her as a patient. She is now 15 weeks into her pregnancy and in good health.

In my honest opinion, her actions is questionable considering her age, stamina and health during pregnancy and child birth and ability of child rearing. I wish her good health and good luck.


Earth Quake in Niigata Perfecture, Japan

A 6.9 magnitude earthquake hit Niigata Pefecture Monday morning. The earthquake which sourced 17 km under the sea bed, 60km southwest of Niigata, had caused small tsunamis measuring up to 20 cm high. 7 dead and 830 people are injured. At least 515 houses are destroyed. Transportation, communication and energy have been disrupted: derailed train, power failure, jammed telephone line. Fire also break out at TEPCO, world’s largest nuclear plant. Although, officials stated that there had not been any radiation leak.

Small tremors are still felt all the way in Tokyo.

Nigata and Tokyo Reference Map

Fire breaks out, reactors shut down at nuclear power plant after huge quake
NTT asks callers to stop calling quake-struck areas, sets up emergency message service
Mainichi Daily News Photo Journal

M6.8 quake jolts Niigata, vicinity, 2 die, over 260 hurt

◆1 M6.8 quake jolts Niigata, vicinity, 7 dead, over 830 hurt

Teen Stabbed Security Officer For Used Manga

I got this information from

A teenager in Japan reportedly went into a used goods store in Kyoto Prefecture, Japan and stole about ¥6,000 (about $50) worth of manga, then fled the scene. He was chased by a security officer, but managed to escape by stabbing him in the arm with a 9 cm (about 4 in.) blade. Fortunately, the teen was later caught. According to reports, the officer will be fine. (Source: Asahi Shinbun)

Wow! Somebody should had tipped the kid about the availability of free scanlated manga. More than all, I feel bad for the security officer who had to experience excruciating pain and shock for mere used manga books. I hope he’s not traumatized for life.


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