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Summer, Japanese Style

There are so many tales of fun things to do, yummy things to eat and cool places to go in Japan during the summer floating around the internet through anime, manga, videos,articles. I have never experienced it outside tour programmes, nor receive any first hand account from an acquaintance or a friend about ‘the real’ Japanese summer. It was about time that I do. So, I contacted some college friends and fellow bloggers to obtain some information via questionnaire from some of my real life and online friends. From their answers, I have discovered some familiar and unexpected things about how to experience a Japanese summer both in and outside Japan.

The Participants

I managed to find 10 volunteers for my mission: 2 couple and 6 individuals made of 2 males, 5 females; 7 Japanese, 1 Romanian and 2 American, 2 are living outside Japan and 4 of which are bloggers. Let’s introduce them to you first.

Japan Traveler

Bucharest, Romania
Muza-chan or Lily, is a Japan travel photographer and blogger. She travels to Japan every summer to capture the country’s beauty. She runs a widely popular travel and photography blog: Muza-chan’s Gate to Japan.


Japanese Living in Japan

Akiko Takata
Tokyo, Japan
Akiko is a career woman working for a multinational company in Tokyo. She studied in the US for her Bachelor degree. She is now living with her Swedish boyfriend in a Tokyo suburb. I had visited her once in Japan and she showed me lots of fun.


Japan – The Strange Country

Japan-The Strange Country (English ver.) from Kenichi on Vimeo.

‘Japan – The Strange Country’ was created by Kenichi Tanaka for his final thesis video. Japan is described as a densely populated nation with prosperous short and chinky eyed people, who love to gorge in luxury and food. They are so consumptive that they made blue fin tuna an endangered animal almost single handedly and had strained China’s forests to supply wood to make their disposable chopstics. Of course these and other information in the video is explored shallowly and seldom compared to appropriate statistics, making them biased. It surprised me. But, Tanaka himself is aware of it and call it a propaganda. I agree. It is.

The video will give you great fact about Japan, but it is not be the right vehicle for you to use in order to understand the country.

Who is That Actor? He has a Long Face

This guy looks so familiar. I have seen him somewhere. Other than his awkwardly long face, that curiosity haunts me since episode 1 of Atashinchi no Danshi. I looked up the series’ title on, and there he was, in the actors list. His name is Nasubi.

After going over to his drama wiki page, I figured out why he looks so familiar. Turns out, he starred in Densha Otoko as one of his forum supporter. Ooooh… that’s why! Wanting to know more about Nasubi, I googled his name and found a couple of websites about him and his interesting past.

Hooooooooo! Hard Gay Cameo in Atashinchi no Danshi 6

I had a nice Saturday Atashinchi catch up with my sis. And suddenly, something pops up!

I had to blink a couple of times until I realize that he was….


The hair almost tricked me, but the way he acts gives it away!!

Wow! That was amusing!!!

If you don’t know who Hard Gay is, head over to my old post about Hard Gay. There’s a wiki page about him too.

Cute Japanese Kids in “Pirates of the Caribean” Promo with Johnny Depp

I was researching on “Pirates of Japan” on youtube and found a Japanese TV show segment featuring Johnny Depp. He was promoting “Pirates of the Caribbean”. Four children came to perform an interesting performance for him. They were so cute!


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