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Ghost Hunt Scare

This week, I have been reading manga with supernatural theme, be it youkai, folklore or ghost story. I am a scaredy cat when it comes to ghost stories, so I make sure when it comes to that type of manga it would be during the day or if it’s at night my husband would be around.

My husband had a bi-weekly church gathering tonight and it was just me and Chloe until around 10PM. After I put Chloe to sleep around 7PM, I had a lonely dinner with only my iPad to accompany me. Somehow, I started reading Ghost Hunt.

Alone. Only the hallway and kitchen light were on. Just in case Chloe wakes up and I need to carry her around the condo to put her back to sleep. Quiet. Only the sound of the clock in the living room.

Hello, I’m Back… and Now With Child

It has been a year since I peeked into my blog. I was pregnant and the lazy bugs attacked. A short time later I have a baby that wants to be stuck on me :) Time passed by so quick, and now she is 6 months old. Now it’s time to introduce her to you :) .

Her name is Chloe Misaki Wisan. Born 8th of September 2011. 2.4kg 44 cm. She was such a tiny baby. Nevertheless, she was healthy.

The morning after birth :)

James holding Chloe for the first time

She was an angel baby. Sleeps very well and not fussy. But she likes to be cuddled when she’s napping during the day. Otherwise she would sleep nicely in her crib at night, until she started learning how to flip over, that is. She kept on banging her leg on the crib gate, or getting her leg stuck while she was sleeping. So we decided to bed share, and it has been beautiful for me :) .


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