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07.23.08: Wise – Mirror feat Salyu

This release from the Japanese American raper is my favorite Japanese hip hop single this summer by far!


1. Mirror feat.Salyu
3. Thinking of you(appreciation mix)
4. Mirror feat.Salyu(Inst.)


[MP3 Request]03.14.07: Nirgilis – Update

As requested by NuKswizzGen

01. Update
02. Koi no Homework
04. Update (Original Instrumental)

07.16.08: JiLL-Decoy Association – JiLL Deco 2

The next installment of JiLL-Decoy Association good music is here!

JiLL-Decoy maintained their fresh and vibrant music and vocal in their second album, JiLL Deco 2. The album contains much lighter music compared to its energetic predecessor, while still maintaining beat and sound variations. In short, the JiLL-Decoy Association unique style has nicely evolve.

If you ask me what my favorite song is in Jill Deco 2, I cannot choose! I have to get back to you on that. There’s a song for every one of my mood. Like JiLL Deco became my official theme album for much of last year, it seems like this album will be the same thing for me.

Enjoy!! Please purchase the CD and support our favorite Japanese Jazz band!! Also, leave a comment and share your thoughts about the album!!

*Thanks for all the love songs JiLL Decoy >.< *

[MV] EXILE: Eastern Boyz’N Eastern Girlz

Glamorized Kung-fu Movie style!! Nice concept, nice song, great choreography in some parts… BUT… some parts are kind of awkward AND the girl with the mask is creeping me out~~~

07.02.08: AZU – Jikan yo Tomare feat. SEAMO

I had no idea who AZU was; I picked this single up because it features Seamo. I’ve enjoyed some of Seamo collaborations, including the one with Monkey Majik. Right on the dot, ‘Jikan yo Tomare’ is a sweet song to listen to and Azu turned out to have a great voice.

The single contains 3 love songs with different vibes. Jikan Yo Tomare is song that makes me feel like happily in love. (I’m not kidding) Saigo no Koi is a romantic and melancholic love song, while Anata no Special ni Naritai is an cheery upbeat one!

Recommending you to try this single (and singer) out!

Track Listing:
1.Jikan yo Tomare feat. SEAMO
2.Anata no Special ni Naritai ~Just wanna be~
3.Saigo no Koi
4.Jikan yo Tomare feat. SEAMO (INSTRUMENTAL)
5.Anata no Special ni Naritai ~Just wanna be~ (INSTRUMENTAL)
6.Saigo no Koi (INSTRUMENTAL)



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