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Junko Mizuno x Kidrobot: Pure Trance 3-Inch Mini Figures

The Pure Trance vinyl toys based on Mizuno Junko‘s manga of the same title had been released by Kidrobot on Thursday, June 04, 2009 at midnight EST, exclusively on their online store. The 3-Inch Mini Figures will be packaged in a blind box, which means you will not know what you are getting. Each retails at US$9.95, but if you want to make sure you get each one of the figure, you can purchase a case of 20 boxes for US$189.

I really enjoyed Pure Trance manga. Its post violent and gory apocalyptic story is presented in adorable and lady like style. I thought that it was a shoujo at a different level. I am really tempted to buy a full case. I want to own most of the figures other than the Mr. Brain human mutant one; but I am sure there will be lots of those.

Hard Gay and TOMY Pop Up Toys

Have you been missing up on Hard Gay? Hard Gay (Razor Ramon Sumitani) is just seriously too hilarious! It not exactly the variety show for the homophobic. But if you can take a silly gimmick involving a narcissistic homosexual in a tight The Village-style police outfit, you should at least take a peek.

What is the connection between Hard Gay and this TOMY Pop Up Toy?

This toy is used for multi player game. Basically each player take turns stab a sword into a slot. If the pirate suddenly pops up, then the player loses. I found out about this toy through a Hard Gay episode.

Hard Gay got a resolution to make TOMY (a toy company in Japan) to make a Pop Up Hard Gay! He started by using his Hard Gay Charm and pelvic thrust to convince people to sign his petition. Afterwards, he made a commotion at the TOMY office and somehow got his way into the company’s president’s house. With his relentless efforts and silly selfishness, he got his way and TOMY actually produced a Hard Gay version of Pop Up Toy.


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