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Finding Time to Watch Japanese Drama

I haven’t watch Japanese dorama for ages.

It’s not that I haven’t have any chance to sit in solitude in front of my laptop watching streaming episodes, nor the tv to watch bootleg Japanese drama DVDs. I rarely watch TV or anything. I don’t think it’s a good idea to watch while spending time with Chloe. I feel like I would be neglectful. I would be concentrating on the screen and not paying much attention to her. Naturally, she will also be fixated to the screen. The thoughts of Chloe being overly stimulated, being more and more addicted to TV as she grows older and exposing her to inappropriate content are enough deterrent. So no TV other than Baby Einsten for half an hour every day.

SK-II is Like Drugs

SK-II cosmetics have done me very well over the years. I started using it in 2008, just when I returned to Indonesia. My skin was having a problem with Jakarta very polluted air and after trying several brands, SK-II Facial Treatment Cleanser and Facial Treatment Essence combo solved my problems and kept my facial skin healthy and hydrated. Their powder and foundation are perfect match on my skin tone as well. This Japanese brand is superb! I slowly started acquiring different products, most works very well. Out of 12 products I tried, only 3 are so-so.

Year End Trip – To Japan?

Two weekends ago, my Dad imposed that we should take a year end family trip. My Dad never invites, he always imposed. He employs many techniques, such as guilt tripping, pressuring, etc. I freaked out for a second. A flash forward of juggling crabby baby, nursing sore heels, blocking out negative vibe from conflict between my parents (bet my bottom dollar that it ALWAYS happens), and other nightmares surged through my brain. I can almost feel the end of the day sheer exhaustion. Only for a second! Yeah. My dad employed another strategy to make sure that I would say yes by giving me three choices: Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan.

What? What? What? You mean my dad wants to take me to Japan?

Let’s go!

Oh wait! Damn! Logic kicked in.

Old School Shoujo: Top 10 Manga of my Childhood

I’ve been reading Manga since the early 90s. My mom would not let me buy too many manga, but luckily my cousin had an extensive shoujo manga collection, and I spent many weekends reading in her bedroom. I am thankful to her to this day. Come to think of it, for me reading manga was a gateway to fiction literature. I love reading. I’ve come a long way, and read hundreds of manga; one shots, short series, long seriers, shoujo, shounen, seinen, josei, even yaoi and yuri. In the memory of the good times, I present to you, “Top 10 Shoujo Manga of Childhood.” (In the order that pops into my mind first)

Candy Candy

by Mizuki Kyoko & Igarashi Yumiko
First published in 1975
Classic. The first manga that I’ve ever shed tears reading. I was very young when I read this. When I get around to it, I would like to read it again to see if my perception have changed.
Read it

First Love Patisierre – Green Tea Hokkaido Layer Cake

My husband’s birthday came around and I ordered a large green tea flavored Hokkaido Layer Cake from First Love Patisierre. I was intending to share it with our family during his birthday lunch. Much to our dismay, Table 8 charges Rp. 25,000 ++ (almost US$3 + tax + gratuity) per slice for outside cake, so we ended up taking the cake home. (I’m glad we found out before everybody got there.) To add to the wound, the cake turned out to be the wrong flavor when we opened it at home. I called in to complain about the mistake. The store apologized and redelivered a new cake for me the next morning. Great customer service! After two days of wait, my husband finally got to enjoy the cake he has been waiting to eat.

After the delivery man left, James promptly requested me to serve him a slice. He got a wait for a bit more, though since I got to snap some pictures :D

Here's the picture of the box that was missing from the previous post.

At a quick glance, the green tea version looks like the original, but at a closer look it lacks the caramel glace of the original. Of course the difference is clearly visible once you take out a slice. The layers of muted green colored cream is really inviting.


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