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Tackling Gintama at Snail Speed

I am the marathon type of manga reader. I prefer reading completed manga or picking up new titles which already have plenty of scanlated chapters. Unless I am very curious about the story development, I usually wait until there are a couple of chapters released to start reading again. Then I focus on finishing the manga or all the available chapters before I read any other. This is not the case with Gintama. I describe my reading style as slow and distracted.

Obviously, I do enjoy reading this tale of silly, easy going, airhead silver curly haired samurai, whose dream is to have a straight hair. If not I would not have been so persistent in reading it. The manga is jammed pack with gags, parodies and puns. Despite accusation of being a copycat and unoriginal because of them, it does have a story of its own and its characters are also very well developed. Hideaki Sorachi had exposed me to as many variety of plots and settings a mangaka can do in one title; amongst others: a video game face off, a naval siege, robotic coup de tat and my favorite, servitude in a haunted ryokan.

Christmas on July 24th Avenue

It’s our first holiday season as husband and wife. Aww. I know. We are a lazy couple. We are planning to laze around until tonight’s dinner and Christmas Eve service. We just rolled around our bed watching reruns of the Master Chef two final episodes as my mother in law’s maids were cleaning our condo. When our pizza delivery arrived, we moved to the living room for lunch.

Christmas on July 24th Avenue

We finished lunch and James had a food coma. He gestured me to scoot over and started snuggling on the couch with his head on my lap. I flipped through the channel and caught the beginning of ‘Christmas on July 24th Avenue‘. I thought watching a Japanese Christmas romantic comedy at this moment was kind of cute.

Who is That Actor? He has a Long Face

This guy looks so familiar. I have seen him somewhere. Other than his awkwardly long face, that curiosity haunts me since episode 1 of Atashinchi no Danshi. I looked up the series’ title on, and there he was, in the actors list. His name is Nasubi.

After going over to his drama wiki page, I figured out why he looks so familiar. Turns out, he starred in Densha Otoko as one of his forum supporter. Ooooh… that’s why! Wanting to know more about Nasubi, I googled his name and found a couple of websites about him and his interesting past.

Hooooooooo! Hard Gay Cameo in Atashinchi no Danshi 6

I had a nice Saturday Atashinchi catch up with my sis. And suddenly, something pops up!

I had to blink a couple of times until I realize that he was….


The hair almost tricked me, but the way he acts gives it away!!

Wow! That was amusing!!!

If you don’t know who Hard Gay is, head over to my old post about Hard Gay. There’s a wiki page about him too.

Have You Seen ‘Atashinchi no Danshi’?

My sister asked me earlier this week, “Have You Seen Atashinchi no Danshi?” “Nope,” I said, “I want to but my internet connection sucks.” I am using cable internet, but it’s not as good as I am used to in the US. So, I have to depend on DVDs, etc. She gave me a tip on a streaming video website for drama and movies: It works out great and I went on to do a 5 episode marathon of Atashinchi Danshi.

Honestly, the theme is quite typical. It’s just another story about triumph over psychological trauma with the help of hero/heroine through persistence, tender-loving-care, examples and other wonderful things that might touch their soul. However, the plot and comedy is fun and entertaining. It’s not a knee slapper, but it made me smiled, giggled and kept my full attention.


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