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Hime Needs Help Coding Her New Blog Layout – Will Compensate!!

I finally finished designing the new layout for Otaku Hime. The design looks very me, and of course I think it is quite nice. So now it’s time for the dreaded coding. I am looking for somebody to help me code my new blog layout and will compensate for your time and effort.

I was really planning to code the new layout myself, but I really do not have the friendship of time. I really want to get the new layout up and running very soon, but with my schedule and my so-so coding knowledge (and speed), it will take forever. So I rather work on new posts, new manga picks and resizing the pictures in old posts to fit the new layout.

A Japanese Tea House in an Unexpected Place

Among Cherry Blossom and Apple trees, hidden a tiny tea house built as a place to spend time friends over a cup of tea in spiritual tranquility, creating a mutual closeness.

It is the vision of David Maštálka when he built the tea house, located in Prague, Czech Republic. The location and the creator may be Czech, but the soul of the tea house is clearly Japanese. It is the embodiement of the Sen no Rikyú.

A house and dewed ground
Guest and host
Drinking together a cup of tea
In quiet contemplation
In spiritual symphony

The tea house has two section: an open platfrom and enclosed tea room. The platform can fit one person, and I imagine that it would be nice to sit in it in a nice breezy day with tea and a book (or some manga).

The Impact of the Manga Editting Experience and its Application to Real Life Work

I am one ancient scanlator, or at least it feels like it. I started editing Japanese manga in early 2001 for Mangascans under ZlleH. I was into Inuyasha, that I decided that I want to read it ahead of everyone. Somehow, ZlleH took me in. It was tough at first, I was on my own with a ‘How to Edit Manga with Photoshop’ in hand. I persevere. I remember puling my hair out in my dorm room when I had to use the Clone tool for the first time while editing Love Hina (I think it was 6 or 9). It’s so funny how now I feel so natural in using the tool, even enjoyed fixing double pages and editing sfx which require massive use of Clone tool.

Matryoshka Pattern

Originally uploaded by vaneea

Newest pattern from me =)
I hope you like it!

Here’s the 1000×1000 version

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Greeting - ornaments

Merry Christmas Greeting - Angel

It is the time of the year again~ Christmas day is coming in 4 days. Hope that you all having a great holiday season.

I hope you enjoy the greeting I made =)


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