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Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan

One of my bridesmaid got hitched last month and will be going to Japan for her honeymoon. Naturally, she asked me for pointers. I recommended that she must go to the Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan, one of the largest public aquariums in the world!

Osaka Kaiyukan - by p@ragon on flickr

Kaiyukan (Ring of Fire) takes aquarium visitors to the fresh and salt water habitats around the Pacific Ocean, dividing it to ten different areas. The massive building holds 11,000 tons of water and its inhabitants, including two majestic whale sharks. I wonder how long it took them to insert everything into the building. Moreover, that such building can hold so much water, plants, animals and people is amazing.

Kamameshi Chaya in Arashiyama, Kyoto

I was craving some good Japanese food today. I started thinking about all the good food I ate in Japan the last time we were there, which was my honeymoon in 2010. Wow, that was ages ago. I had only post very little pictures of them. So I think I should start posting the rest. It’s never too late.

The first one I am going to share with you is the kamameshi we ate in Arashiyama, Kyoto. The restaurant, Kamameshi Chaya (Tea House) is on the street right across from the entrance of Tenryu-ji Temple, about 15 minutes of leisurely walk from the JR Sagano Arashiyama Station/Sagano Romantic Train Station. The street is lined with many restaurants, but you won’t miss the restaurant display.

Kamameshi Chaya

Enjoying Kyoto on Bicycles Pt. 2

As I had written last week, the first part of my bicycle adventure in Kyoto had been fun and exhilarating. We were tired and took a chance to take a big rest when the story left of.

It was almost 4PM that we decided we need to go. Little did we know, our next decision turned our honeymoon upside down. I think I was not in the right mind. I failed myself as the organizer of this trip. Bad call on myself, and James spoiled me too much to turned down my crazy idea. I told him I want to go to Kinkakuji, the Golden Pavilion, really bad. I told him it would had been closed when we get there, so we should go somewhere else. However, foolish me had a brilliant idea, thinking that we would be able to take pictures of the pavilion from outside of the gate. He said, let’s do it. So, off we went.

We were so confident of our scheme, that we even took time to stop by Nijo castle. On our map, Nijo castle is halfway to Kinkakuji from where we started. It was closing, and we should had stopped here. I knew we should had. I didn’t say anything though. We asked one of the korean tourist girls to snap a picture of us before we pushed on.

Enjoying Kyoto on Bicycles Pt.1

When I was researching for my pre-wedding photo shoot in Kyoto, I discovered that Kyoto was voted one of the best city to bike. We did not have enough time to rent a bike during that trip, but James and I were determined to spend one day biking around Kyoto during our honeymoon. On our third day in Japan’s former capital city, we finally cruised around in our rented bike.

Renting Bicycles

Me and James on our rented bikes

There were a number of bicycle rental companies in Kyoto that I found on google. I decided to wait before booking anything until we get to Kyoto. Our ryokan recommended Kyoto Cycling Tour Project (KCTP) to us. One of its outlet was in close proximity to both the station and to our lodging. The Kyoto Station Cycling Terminal was a little hidden to find,despite the map we got from the ryokan. The direction from their website would had made our live easier.

The Mundane Gundam Cafe Experience

I’ve read about Gundam Cafe somewhere on the internet, but I never planned on going there. Not a big Gundam Fan, and I doubt James has ever watched any episode of Gundam. Somehow, we stumbled upon it as we were walking back to Akihabara Station. We ended up betting on it for dessert on the night despite a line. Here is me queueing :)

Me Lining Up at Gundam Cafe

Two Ladies Chatting in Gundam Cafe

The line was not too long, but it was a long wait. It didn’t move a bit for 10 minutes, and I had an annoying view. To my left, two middle aged ladies were chatting casually over their finished meal in facing the queue. OK. They do have their right to enjoy the scene until the lady on the right had finished her drink, but she hadn’t been touching it and it seems that they’ve been doing this even before I had arrived. We finally got in after 20 plus minutes of wait, and guess whose seats we took. Yes. We sat right where the two ladies had been. I can’t help but wonder what topic was so interesting that they had to sit over thirty minutes, I bet, after their meal was done while people are waiting in front of their lines.


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