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Ghost Hunt Scare

This week, I have been reading manga with supernatural theme, be it youkai, folklore or ghost story. I am a scaredy cat when it comes to ghost stories, so I make sure when it comes to that type of manga it would be during the day or if it’s at night my husband would be around.

My husband had a bi-weekly church gathering tonight and it was just me and Chloe until around 10PM. After I put Chloe to sleep around 7PM, I had a lonely dinner with only my iPad to accompany me. Somehow, I started reading Ghost Hunt.

Alone. Only the hallway and kitchen light were on. Just in case Chloe wakes up and I need to carry her around the condo to put her back to sleep. Quiet. Only the sound of the clock in the living room.

Mononoke Episode 2

It is so messed up. The culprit of the existence of the mononoke in the top most room of the inn has been revealed. (See Episode 1)

The brothel back in the day and the young Okami

It turned out that when Okami (inn owner) was young, she ran a brothel in the inn. She made all her courtesans to abort their babies every time they get pregnant.
They even show you how she did it.

The number of the babies she killed is enormous; as there are multitude of kokeshi dolls which represent the butchered children. Traumatizing. Even more disturbing, she has no remorse. When the pregnant lady (see ep.1) explained about her circumstances, she called her naive and stupid for wanting to protect her unborn baby from the assassin.

The abortion room and the brutal abortion

Multitudes of Kokeshi dolls and the representations of their mothers

Mononoke Episode 1

All of this season anime on my list has been right on the dot so far.

I have been waiting for Mononoke Episode 1 fansub to come out. I found in on crunchyroll when I woke up from my 6 hours nap. (Yes it is a nap, I woke up at 7 today after 3 hours of sleep to drive my sister to the Union Station) Ignoring the work that I was supposed to do, I watched it, take screen caps and now I am writting this entry.

Opening Sequence

Ending Sequence

I am happy that there are a lot of Japanese art which are incorporated into the anime. It inspires me. The storyline pattern is the same as Bake Neko, the last part of the Ayakashi Japanese Classic Horror. Although of course, the Medicine Seller is facing a different mononoke. FYI, Mononoke is a poltergeist spirit which lives in inanimate objects. They can be driven away by chanting powerful Buddhist sutras. According to the fansubber, Shinsen Subs, the Medicine Seller’s practice derives from Mikkyo Buddhism Sammitsu.

The Medicine Seller, the Okami and the Pregnant Lady


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