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07.16.08: JiLL-Decoy Association – JiLL Deco 2

The next installment of JiLL-Decoy Association good music is here!

JiLL-Decoy maintained their fresh and vibrant music and vocal in their second album, JiLL Deco 2. The album contains much lighter music compared to its energetic predecessor, while still maintaining beat and sound variations. In short, the JiLL-Decoy Association unique style has nicely evolve.

If you ask me what my favorite song is in Jill Deco 2, I cannot choose! I have to get back to you on that. There’s a song for every one of my mood. Like JiLL Deco became my official theme album for much of last year, it seems like this album will be the same thing for me.

Enjoy!! Please purchase the CD and support our favorite Japanese Jazz band!! Also, leave a comment and share your thoughts about the album!!

*Thanks for all the love songs JiLL Decoy >.< *

04.25.07 jaz’presso: .jp

Jaz’presso is a jazz house group. They are releasing their new album, .jp on this coming Wednesday. You can sample their music here.

My Compilation – Evening Lounge: Ladies’ Night

I thought about different ways I can share my Japanese music taste to you. Well, recently I made a CD cover art for leisure. I actually took time to browse my music collection to find songs that would fit my cover art theme.

In my imagination, the audience of the compilation will listen to it while chillin’ or lounging.
The result is a mix of nice and cool Japanese music sung by talented Japanese female vocals. So, I went ahead and compiled the mp3′s along with my album art for you to download.

PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE’S A PASSWORD. The password is the name of my blog. (otakuhime)


1. Butterfly: Mondo Grosso featuring Monday Michiru
from: Butterfly (single) & MG4
Mondo Grosso‘s (Shinichi Ozawa) beautiful Acid Jazz music with Monday Michiru‘s wonderful wonderful vocal produce powerful music. I really love the beats and multiple layers of background music; the piano arrangement is so nice! Mondo Grosso is by far my favorite jazz group!


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