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Old School Drama Pick: 101 Marriage Proposal

101 Marriage Proposal is the third Japanese drama title I had watched. It aired in 1991 making it almost 2 decades old. I have not watched the drama again ever since, but I still remember it as very touching.

Synopsis from DramaWiki:

101st Marriage Proposal is a “Beauty and the Beast” story starring Takeda Tetsuya (Virgin Road, 3-nen B-gumi Kinpachi Sensei) as a down-on-his-luck man who has gone through 99 omiai (arranged dates with the intention of marriage if the date goes well). Not particularly smart, nor handsome, nor rich, he is a man who cannot lie and of course, has a heart of pure gold. On the 100th omiai, he meets Kaoru (Asano Atsuko), an extremely beautiful and talented cellist who can’t forget her dead fiancee.

Otomen Drama

What is Otomen? Otomen is a man who loves cute and girly things and excels in activities mainly identified with women, such crafts, cooking, etc.

Masamune Asuka is handsome high school boy who reigns over the Kendo National Championship, excels in his studies, carries great manners and popular with the girls & respected by the guys. In the eyes of people around him, he is the poster boy of perfect Japanese manly man. But, behind closed doors, Asuka is actually an Otomen.

How can this two opposite characteristics exists in one individual? When Asuka was a child, his father deliberately confessed to Asuka and his mother that he had a secret dream to be a woman. He left home and become a transgenders somewhere in Japan. Traumatized and scarred, Asuka’s mother forced him to vow never to be like his father and become the most manly of men. Asuka is forced to abandon all his girly favorites and hobby, and follow the path of true men.

Who is That Actor? He has a Long Face

This guy looks so familiar. I have seen him somewhere. Other than his awkwardly long face, that curiosity haunts me since episode 1 of Atashinchi no Danshi. I looked up the series’ title on, and there he was, in the actors list. His name is Nasubi.

After going over to his drama wiki page, I figured out why he looks so familiar. Turns out, he starred in Densha Otoko as one of his forum supporter. Ooooh… that’s why! Wanting to know more about Nasubi, I googled his name and found a couple of websites about him and his interesting past.

Hooooooooo! Hard Gay Cameo in Atashinchi no Danshi 6

I had a nice Saturday Atashinchi catch up with my sis. And suddenly, something pops up!

I had to blink a couple of times until I realize that he was….


The hair almost tricked me, but the way he acts gives it away!!

Wow! That was amusing!!!

If you don’t know who Hard Gay is, head over to my old post about Hard Gay. There’s a wiki page about him too.

Chicken Soup for My Slow Internet: Online Anime, JDrama and Manga Source

It has been a year since I lived in Jakarta, Indonesia. My life has changed very much. Traffic to and from work kills a lot of my free time. Living with my parents also needed me to make lots of adjustment. I don’t play console game or World of Warcraft anymore, which has been weird. I eat out most of the time, so I cook once in a blue moon.

As I mentioned in my Atashinchi post, my internet at home (Jakarta) just blows. It’s one of the change that annoys me. Attempting to download large files will give grave injuries to my patience and crush my high hopes. The speed fluctuates really, up and down; sometimes it bursts, sometimes it just rolls around like a baby. Downloading with my internet takes twice as long as back in the US.


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