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The Mundane Gundam Cafe Experience

I’ve read about Gundam Cafe somewhere on the internet, but I never planned on going there. Not a big Gundam Fan, and I doubt James has ever watched any episode of Gundam. Somehow, we stumbled upon it as we were walking back to Akihabara Station. We ended up betting on it for dessert on the night despite a line. Here is me queueing :)

Me Lining Up at Gundam Cafe

Two Ladies Chatting in Gundam Cafe

The line was not too long, but it was a long wait. It didn’t move a bit for 10 minutes, and I had an annoying view. To my left, two middle aged ladies were chatting casually over their finished meal in facing the queue. OK. They do have their right to enjoy the scene until the lady on the right had finished her drink, but she hadn’t been touching it and it seems that they’ve been doing this even before I had arrived. We finally got in after 20 plus minutes of wait, and guess whose seats we took. Yes. We sat right where the two ladies had been. I can’t help but wonder what topic was so interesting that they had to sit over thirty minutes, I bet, after their meal was done while people are waiting in front of their lines.

Reideen Ep. 20

Reideen Trapped

In the previous episode, Junki was trapped by the aliens in an attempt to acquire Reideen. In this Episode, it is Reideen that has been trapped in a field where time move much slower. Before this occurrence, the alien contacted the Japanese government to negotiate. Now, the alien wants them to give them Reideen in an exchange of 300 people that are trapped in the field along with it.

Captain Ando

Comes Captain Ando, the man behind this negotiation. I think he is quite handsome. I have a weak heart against this type of handsome men. But he does look kind of scary. I think he is such an @$$hole. He captured Maedasaki and co. so they will not be able to prevent the deal.

Junki and Midorino

09.01.07: Rebuild of Evangelion & College Memories

Evangelion is a classic. I will leave it to the expert to explain how Evangelion’s impact to the anime community. But for me, personally, it brings back memories of my early college days when I got back in touch with anime again. A Malaysian dorm friend was into anime and fed me a lot of fansubs. Among the first anime he lent me was Evangelion. (BTW, if you somehow read this, I still have your screwdrivers. I’m sorry for not returning it even though I promised to. They have served me well.)

He also got me into an anime trading network of dorm dwellers. Yeh, some fancy work network is, but it is what it is. Our dorm download limit was only 700 MB; a total downer. Our trading was crucial for a healthy otaku life. We were quite an efficient group. In the beginning, my laptop didn’t have any cd writer and all the fansubs files needed to be transfered to another computer to be copied into a cd. I got sick of it and bought myself an external CD writer.

Reideen 9

I really love Reideen glowing in blue!

And who is this girl? She is so mysterious. Even though we first see her in Episode 1, they still haven’t reveal her true identity. I’m speculating that she has something to do with Reideen and she’ll have a romantic or at least strong relationship with Junki.

Heroic Age Episode 5

Yes episode 5, I did skipped Episode 4. I decided that instead of summarizing each episode of the animes that watch, I am just going to feature screencaps with comments. This way I can have more time to talk about other things on my blog. I am also going to be more selective on which episode I talk about. This way I won’t spoil (too much) anything for anyone =).

In this episode we get to see on of the other 4 Nodos other than Age/Bellcross. These Nodos are under the control of the Silver Tribe. The Nodos, Karukinus/Neruneva is sent to test Age’s power. Without transforming, he can emit poisonous gases in form of a snake. This gases will also be emitted as he turn into a Nodos. In term of size, he is smaller than Bellcross. His power is supposedly weaker, since Bellcross is the most powerful of all Nodos.


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