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Oooooh, The New PSP Go!

Game enthusiasts, especially the Play Station fans have probably been waiting for the launch of the much rumored PSP Go!. So have I! Thank you for Game Console Network for spilling it out for us all.

The sleek little gadget features a 3.8 inch display and a slide out control pad.
PSP Go! design has removed the UMD disc slot, all games will have to be downloaded digitally. Apparently, a low cost accessory to use UMDs will available for purchase. Grand Turismo and a new version of Little Big Planet are among the first games available for download. According to, we will have a choice of choosing 8 GB or 16 GB of internal flash memory to store your game. If that’s not enough there’s a Memory Stick Micro card slot you can utilize. No need to fumble with earphone cables, there’s a Bluetooth technology installed.

Ping Mag is no More

It is a sad sad day today that I found out Ping Magis in hiatus for an indefinite period of time. The site has been a source of my inspiration through and through.

I hope recession will go away soon :(


Two days ago, my drive G crashed. It died. I mean… it is no more.

I have been serenading heartbreak song inside my head.

Goodbye my manga collection… work of hundreds of hours of download…..

60 Years Old Japanese Woman Got Pregnant with Donor Embryo

Desire to bear a child can be so strong that a 60 year old Japanese elderly traveled to the U.S. to be impregnated through in-vitro fertilization. She will be the first single woman to give birth to a baby conceived with a donated egg, as only couples are allowed to do so. Even though women can go through the fertilization overseas, medical institution are also prohibited to treat them. Yahiro Netsu, gynecologist at Suwa Maternity Clinic in Nagano recognize her passion and determination and decided to accept her as a patient. She is now 15 weeks into her pregnancy and in good health.

In my honest opinion, her actions is questionable considering her age, stamina and health during pregnancy and child birth and ability of child rearing. I wish her good health and good luck.


Me on

Ms. Rebecca Dube of Globe and Mail contacted me on Wednesday via e-mail about The article, titled Colour me obsessed, was out yesterday in print and on the web. I appear in the latter quarter of the article.
(hint: my first name is similar to my internet id.}


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