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Hi all!

I am happily announcing that I have grown up from my otaku shell and now will take a new address for my blog, :) In addition, I will be migrating to WordPress. Angel, an Indonesian website designer/developer is working on the layout design :) . Please bear with me and blog hiccups as we transition to a better blog :)

Internet Access, Yay! Plus, Migration to WordPress

YATTA!!! I finally have internet running on my laptop after 3 weeks. I finally have time to sit my ass down in Starbucks to take care of some online chores.

I recently moved into our new condo. It’s a brand new building and the building management have not install any internet. Can you imagine my life without any internet? I only had my blackberry to tweet and read articles. It’s been quite frustrating. I hope my internet returns soon.

Well, I am just checking in to let you guys know I am still alive. I have been sitting here for 4 hour; I used 2 hours to do some research on web hosting. After an extensive deliberation, I finally chose one and paid for 3 years of subscription. I will be moving my website to the new hosting and will also host my blog there.

The Mundane Gundam Cafe Experience

I’ve read about Gundam Cafe somewhere on the internet, but I never planned on going there. Not a big Gundam Fan, and I doubt James has ever watched any episode of Gundam. Somehow, we stumbled upon it as we were walking back to Akihabara Station. We ended up betting on it for dessert on the night despite a line. Here is me queueing :)

Me Lining Up at Gundam Cafe

Two Ladies Chatting in Gundam Cafe

The line was not too long, but it was a long wait. It didn’t move a bit for 10 minutes, and I had an annoying view. To my left, two middle aged ladies were chatting casually over their finished meal in facing the queue. OK. They do have their right to enjoy the scene until the lady on the right had finished her drink, but she hadn’t been touching it and it seems that they’ve been doing this even before I had arrived. We finally got in after 20 plus minutes of wait, and guess whose seats we took. Yes. We sat right where the two ladies had been. I can’t help but wonder what topic was so interesting that they had to sit over thirty minutes, I bet, after their meal was done while people are waiting in front of their lines.

Tokyo Game Show 2010 Part 3

Wheeew! Sorry for much delay. I went to the doctor yesterday and she told me I am 80% healed. I am allowed prolonged use of computer as long as I take a break every 30 minutes. So, without further delay, here’s the last installment of my visit to the Tokyo Game Show.

Where were we? Oh.

K-On PSP Game

I saw promotion for the K-On PSP game in Akihabara the day before. It wasn’t to be released until the October 1st, so I was kind of sad. So excited when I see the K-On game demo area, I was so ready to queue. Too bad, there was no queue. They had already assigned time slots to gamers who had queue earlier that day. Sad. Oh well. I will pick the game up when it gets to Jakarta.

K-On Demo Area

Short Break Due to Cloudy Vision

I have gotten an eye infection since the 6th day of my honeymoon. It has been 2 weeks and three doctors since then. My eyes are not as red as they were before and they don’t hurt. But since yesterday my vision has gone blurry. My last doctor had fear this and checked my vision about 3 days ago. Today I have made an appointment to see a ophthalmologist whose specialize in virus.

Until my vision returns I will not be able to post. I’m so sorry. I know I am supposed to post Tokyo Game Show Part 3. I have more honeymoon experiences to share as well.

Hope to return soon!


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