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Otaku Hime life is not always filled with watching drama, reading manga, browsing websites, making posts and be a nerd. In real life, I like to take care of my appearance. I am not a fashion victim, but I like to look nice. I am particularly taken to the Japanese popular fashion style. I love the feminin and soft feel that it eminates.

Surprisingly, in the first month of living in Jakarta, I met a Indonesian young lady, who is now a good friend of mine, whose style is very Japanese. She used to study in Japan and had graciously adapted the country’s essence of style. She can easily pass as a Japanese oujo-sama.I’ve always thought that adopting the style would be difficult, but she proved me wrong. I can do it!

Chicken Soup for My Slow Internet: Online Anime, JDrama and Manga Source

It has been a year since I lived in Jakarta, Indonesia. My life has changed very much. Traffic to and from work kills a lot of my free time. Living with my parents also needed me to make lots of adjustment. I don’t play console game or World of Warcraft anymore, which has been weird. I eat out most of the time, so I cook once in a blue moon.

As I mentioned in my Atashinchi post, my internet at home (Jakarta) just blows. It’s one of the change that annoys me. Attempting to download large files will give grave injuries to my patience and crush my high hopes. The speed fluctuates really, up and down; sometimes it bursts, sometimes it just rolls around like a baby. Downloading with my internet takes twice as long as back in the US.

Matryoshka Pattern

Originally uploaded by vaneea

Newest pattern from me =)
I hope you like it!

Here’s the 1000×1000 version

Kurikuri Usagi

You’ll Fly One Day
Originally uploaded by vaneea

Kurikuri Usagi! Kurikuri means big and round, and my bunny is chubby. I spent around 20 minutes to play around with the character design. Quite quick indeed. But the pattern creation took me almost 3 hours to complete, believe it or not.I was being too picky on the positioning, I suppose.

This pattern is limited for personal use only.
Please credit me if you use it on your website or artwork.
Publication, commercial and for profit use is forbidden without notification.

Click on the image to enlarge, and click on “All Sizes” on the top of the flickr image display to download the image in the original resolution.

hexaninja Stripes Pattern

hexaninja Stripes Pattern
Originally uploaded by vaneea

This is a part of my “nanimono” series.
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