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Ghost Hunt Scare

This week, I have been reading manga with supernatural theme, be it youkai, folklore or ghost story. I am a scaredy cat when it comes to ghost stories, so I make sure when it comes to that type of manga it would be during the day or if it’s at night my husband would be around.

My husband had a bi-weekly church gathering tonight and it was just me and Chloe until around 10PM. After I put Chloe to sleep around 7PM, I had a lonely dinner with only my iPad to accompany me. Somehow, I started reading Ghost Hunt.

Alone. Only the hallway and kitchen light were on. Just in case Chloe wakes up and I need to carry her around the condo to put her back to sleep. Quiet. Only the sound of the clock in the living room.

Favorite Forbidden Love Manga Scanlations: Student – Teacher pt. 2

For years, my forbidden manga lists are the most popular post on Otaku Hime until today. So today I present you ‘Favorite Forbidden Love Manga Scanlations: Student – Teacher pt. 2′. It shorter than my previous list, since I just have not encounter many good titles these days.

I Love Her
by Ikuemi Ryou

Length: 3 Volumes


Hana, a 16 year old who’s a bit of a tomboy, is dumped by her boyfriend when she moves to Sapporo after her parent’s divorce. On her first night there, she comes across a young guy who is seemingly too ill to walk. He ends up collapsing on her and is quickly rushed to the hospital. As it turns out, he’s Hiroto, her next door neighbor.

Blue by Sasaki Io

A mild cold has overcome me these last couple of days. I had to take a break from reading manga and went straight to sleep. I got woken up quite early tho, around 6 AM, to my sis’ Accapella Flight of the Bumblebee alarm which kept on going and going while she was in the shower. I tried to ignore it, but I couldn’t fall back to sleep. So, I had my breakfast and medicine, then made up my missing manga routine from last night.

I found a newly completed one scanlated manga called Blue by Sasaki Io. The story is quite sweet and it was a great manga to start my day, especially after I just got off from the One Piece marathon :) .

Otomen Drama

What is Otomen? Otomen is a man who loves cute and girly things and excels in activities mainly identified with women, such crafts, cooking, etc.

Masamune Asuka is handsome high school boy who reigns over the Kendo National Championship, excels in his studies, carries great manners and popular with the girls & respected by the guys. In the eyes of people around him, he is the poster boy of perfect Japanese manly man. But, behind closed doors, Asuka is actually an Otomen.

How can this two opposite characteristics exists in one individual? When Asuka was a child, his father deliberately confessed to Asuka and his mother that he had a secret dream to be a woman. He left home and become a transgenders somewhere in Japan. Traumatized and scarred, Asuka’s mother forced him to vow never to be like his father and become the most manly of men. Asuka is forced to abandon all his girly favorites and hobby, and follow the path of true men.

10 Manhwa & Manhua That Hime Loves, And You (Boys & Girls) Should Give a Chance

For years, Japanese manga has been my preference compared to Chinese (Taiwanese) manhua and Korean manhwa. One of the important component of a comic is the art, and most Chinese (Taiwanese) and Korean ones generally have ‘rougher’ drawings compared to the Japanese manga. I couldn’t get into the stories either for some reason.

Back in 2006, Entropy, the group which I was scanlating under released a Korean manhwa ‘The Bride of the Water God.’ This manhwa, blew me away with its art and plot. In the same year ShoujoMagic also released a wondeful Taiwanese manhua, ‘The One’. Both of these manhwa/manhua really changed my opinion regarding the capabilities of Korean and Taiwanese mangaka.

Since then, there has been an increase of scanlated Chinese manhua and Korean manhwa circulating around the web; revealing variety of genres, art style and themes. I have also have taken a liking to a number of Korean manhwa and Taiwanese manhua in variety of genres; shoujo, josei, shounen and seinen.


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