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Got Milk? Seikon no Qwaser Uncensored (Definetely Not Safe For Work)

Ever wonder why a non hentai anime video is tagged uncensored? It sure did triggered my curiosity. Must be some juicy one with tons of fan service. Seikon no Qwaser is just that and more. More boobs that is.

Derivation of typical plot – check.
Maidens encounters a hero who will save the day, the world and end the conspiracy with his super power. Of course the girls will get involve and play a role in assisting the hero.

Abundance western names and terms that no Japanese can pronounce correctly – check.
Aleksander Nikolaevich Hell
Theotokos of Tsarytsin

Cool super power – check.

Big bouncy boobs – check.

Some more big bouncy boobs – check.

And some butt too.

Violation the big bouncy boobs – check.

The violation of the boobs; and other things too – check.

Hime’s 5 On Going Otaku Manga List

Hime’s premier visit to Akihabara shall be celebrated with a manga list! Yay! Not just any manga list! This time I am listing five on-going manga scanlation on the otaku subject which I am following.

Just a random thought:
Interestingly, all the manga I am listing (and most out there) are in the Shounen & Seinen genre. I think it’s because most extreme otaku are guy and they can relate to this topic. What do you think?

Anyway, here’s the list.

By Suzuki Shinya
Genre: Comedy, School Life, Shounen
Scanlation status: On Going
Read Online: Manga Fox

Mitarashi Dango is an otaku, who by a stroke of luck (or misfortune) accidentally knocked out the strongest fighter in his school. From that day on, he was worshiped by his school’s delinquents and had no choice to become their leader. Although, deep down inside, he cannot shed his otaku self and his dream of finding the ‘perfect’ girlfriend. This is the story of his double life.

Welcome to my world, Online Manhwa!

Online manhwa have been around for quite some time, and I’m sure some of you have come across them too. I am probably a late adopter. I really do enjoy this type of manga, especially because they have vertical panels :) . Let me share 3 titles that I had encountered in the last couple of weeks.

By Son Jae Ho & Lee Gwang Su
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Shounen, Supernatural
Scanlation status: On Going
Read Online: Manga Fox

From Manga Fox:

A being wakes up from a 820 year slumber in contemporary South Korea. As the being adapts to his surroundings, he accidentally enrolls at a school.

I Finally Caught Up!!!

Yes!! At last! I have joined the rest of One Piece followers who had read all the scanlations to date! I zoomed through more than a decade of releases in a matter of weeks.

For all of you who are discouraged by the length of the manga, please do give this manga a chance. I rejoice for the length of the manga. One Piece really carried me away on an adventure of the Straw Hat Luffy and his nakama. Each arc brings new excitements and thrills. One Piece just never grows old. I just can’t stop reading it.

I recommend that you use Games Total to read One Piece. It loads 5 pages in one go, so you can save your energy on clicking and waiting for images to load. That’s what I did anyway :)

Start clicking away, boys & girls!

Cute One Piece Chapter Cover

This cover from One Piece chapter 308 is the cutest I’ve seen so far. I just can’t take how cute Chopper and the seals around him are. The yawning seal on the right bottom corner is just adorable!

I will post another cute one when I come across it. Right now I am on chapter 353 and trying to catch up to the latest one :) . Still going strong :)

It’s funny how a couple months ago, if I somebody would tell me how cute drawings in One Piece are, I will laugh at him (or her).


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