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Oooooh, The New PSP Go!

Game enthusiasts, especially the Play Station fans have probably been waiting for the launch of the much rumored PSP Go!. So have I! Thank you for Game Console Network for spilling it out for us all.

The sleek little gadget features a 3.8 inch display and a slide out control pad.
PSP Go! design has removed the UMD disc slot, all games will have to be downloaded digitally. Apparently, a low cost accessory to use UMDs will available for purchase. Grand Turismo and a new version of Little Big Planet are among the first games available for download. According to, we will have a choice of choosing 8 GB or 16 GB of internal flash memory to store your game. If that’s not enough there’s a Memory Stick Micro card slot you can utilize. No need to fumble with earphone cables, there’s a Bluetooth technology installed.

Sony Ericsson W910i: Goodness and Lumines Equipped

When it comes to cell phones with audio capability, Sony Ericsson’s Walkman series is one of the best of them all. The Japanese-Swedish joint venture had introduced the newest and fanciest cell phone of the series: W910i. The phone will be available in Asia Pacific retail in the 4th quarter of 2007.

This phone is actually not the cellphone of my choice. (I’m cellphone hunting right now and probably will settle doesn with Sony Ericsson P1i.) But it had drawn my attention because of the features and tools that it have:

You can easily skip forward to the next song or skip backwards by simply flicking the phone. How cool is that!

The new SensMe™ program converts your songs’ data into a matrix, classifying them based on beat and style. Instead of browsing and picking songs one by one, you can easily find those that will match your current mood.

Japanese Sex Dolls Go High Tech For Japanese Men

I read an article on Gizmodo today about a Japanese middle aged man who spent US$170,000 on 100 high tech sex doll. He claimed that the cost and effort of buying the dolls are less than developing relationship with real women. The man bathes, watches TV, talk to them and you know what with them. …OK… Creepy. More disturbingly, more and more are catching up with the trend; most are in their second puberty or mid life crisis.

In the other hand, I think these silicon dolls created by Orient Industry might be the pioneer of artificial humans (not intelligence) that are available to a wide market. They each have 35 movable joints. They look almost human. In no time, somebody will develop a robotic technology that will fit them; probably as a sex toy. I hope I’ll get to be in the beginning of Ghost in the Shell era before I die. But for the time being, I’ll steer myself away from talking to a lifeless doll.

07.03.07: Ghost In The Shell – Stand Alone Complex – Solid State Society

After a painstakingly long wait, we are only 5 days away to the DVD release of GITS SAC Solid State Society in the U.S. I shall get my hands on it.



Pale Cocoon: Beautiful Fluid Motion

Amazing! Animation of Pale Cocoon‘s greatness is rare. It is probably the best OVA I’ve ever seen in term of animation fluidity. Motion is one of its key characteristics. The scenes zoom in, zoom out, rotate and glide gracefully; providing what seems to be like a bird’s eye view.

Pale Cocoon takes us into a plausible distant future of earth. Human had turned earth into a synthetic living place. Sunlight is unable to penetrate the atmosphere. People are forced to live in the lower of super structure towering and covering both land and see. They are depended on a life support system located there.

Information and memory of the past earth, including our present one, are lost. An effort was maintained to restore “archaic” files; but as time goes by, less and less people are interested in the effort and only a number of people are left. The computer or processing system that is used in the recovery effort is so cool. I think it is a very possible direction of our technology development.


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