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Honeymoon Wishlist #3: Play Pachinko!


Pachinko is one of the few things that my husband is very enthusiastic in trying! You can say that I am too. I’ve always come across a few noisy and crowded noisy parlors during my visits, but never got the guts to walk in to try playing.

I went and ask if anybody would be kind enough to teach me how to play pachinko on twitter on my Blackberry. The first, and only person to response is @BradJPE. Here are what he tweeted to me:

most modern machines require you to land a ball on the center slot and get a match (like slots). If you do, you end up in bonus mode

with an increased chance to get another 当たり or 大当たり. Bonus lasts 100x spins. Mermaid game has better win % but no bonus round. Gl!!

‘SHIB’: Upcycled Sakabukuro Tote Bag by HITOMONOKOTO

HITOMONOKOTO, a web store and gallery based in Tokyo, had taken a creative approach to upcycling by turning sakabukuro or sake bags into tote bags. They named them ‘SHIB.’

Sakabukuro is probably a foreign vocabulary even to many Japanese. It is both rare and vintage. Here’s the description from the HITOMONOKOTO website:

Brewers used the sack “Saka-bukuro” during the Edo- period to filter “Nigori-sake”(unrefined sake) into “Seishu”(refined sake). This process was used up until the early 20th century. Every summer, craftsmen repeatedly applied persimmon juice on sakabukuro to improve waterproofing and antiseptic properties. Due to this process, the cotton fabric’s appearance has changed, similar to tinged brown leather.

“SHIB” are made from hard-to-find,dark sakabukuro cloth that is elastic,like leather,and has a black shiny appearance. No two “SHIB” are the same color. Blurring and scratching reflect the unique texture of sakabukuro cloth to which persimmon juice was applied repeatedly over the years.

Need A Tokyo Culinary Guide? A la Carte Maps of Tokyo Might Be Your Answer

Finding the right places in Tokyo to satisfy your palate with a good culinary experience can be quite challenging. Of course, you can always invest a couple of hours (if dedicated like I did, days in a span of weeks) in reading up blogs, websites and magazines in search of your ultimate Tokyo restaurants lists. You can also ask your friends or your (new) friends in forums. That’s not so bad :)

Now, you got your restaurant list ready with corresponding addresses. So. How are you going to get there? True, some websites offer directions, but hey what are the chances they will take you where. You are bound to ask for directions. FYI, it will be very hard for you to find an English speaking person in Japan’s street. I am not kidding. The easiest thing to get direction for a non-Japanese speaker is by pointing at the map.

Japan – The Strange Country

Japan-The Strange Country (English ver.) from Kenichi on Vimeo.

‘Japan – The Strange Country’ was created by Kenichi Tanaka for his final thesis video. Japan is described as a densely populated nation with prosperous short and chinky eyed people, who love to gorge in luxury and food. They are so consumptive that they made blue fin tuna an endangered animal almost single handedly and had strained China’s forests to supply wood to make their disposable chopstics. Of course these and other information in the video is explored shallowly and seldom compared to appropriate statistics, making them biased. It surprised me. But, Tanaka himself is aware of it and call it a propaganda. I agree. It is.

The video will give you great fact about Japan, but it is not be the right vehicle for you to use in order to understand the country.

History of Manga Scanlation on

When did scanlation start? Who started it? Who created the standards of good scanlation? Now all becomes clear on

The recently established website had a growing content pertaining to the history of manga scanlation gathered from key players in the scanlations community. You can also find profiles of significant scanlation groups, manga websites & communities, and interviews of important people behind them. You can also check out general information regarding scanlation, how to make scanlations, legal issues and plus the fight against Tazmo. There’s even a timeline! Wow this website is awesome, Thank you Gum for putting all of this together!


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