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Katsuya: Deliciously Affordable

Who says good food in Japan got to be expensive? Japan is an expensive country to live in, but James and I had learned from our travels that it’s not impossible to find affordable food. We found such a place in the Sun Mall.

Katsuya is a fast food katsu chain. We were attracted to this store when we saw the menu signage, promoting affordable mouthwatering looking food. The first floor was bustling with customers. In fact, we had to sit on the second floor since the first floor was full. The second floor quickly filled up as well after we sat ourselves.

The place was clean and bright. It was kind of bare, but I don’t expect much out of a fast food chain. There was some cups and a bottle of cold tea on each tables, which we helped ourselves with. We were given menu identical to the ones they were displaying outside.

The Mundane Gundam Cafe Experience

I’ve read about Gundam Cafe somewhere on the internet, but I never planned on going there. Not a big Gundam Fan, and I doubt James has ever watched any episode of Gundam. Somehow, we stumbled upon it as we were walking back to Akihabara Station. We ended up betting on it for dessert on the night despite a line. Here is me queueing :)

Me Lining Up at Gundam Cafe

Two Ladies Chatting in Gundam Cafe

The line was not too long, but it was a long wait. It didn’t move a bit for 10 minutes, and I had an annoying view. To my left, two middle aged ladies were chatting casually over their finished meal in facing the queue. OK. They do have their right to enjoy the scene until the lady on the right had finished her drink, but she hadn’t been touching it and it seems that they’ve been doing this even before I had arrived. We finally got in after 20 plus minutes of wait, and guess whose seats we took. Yes. We sat right where the two ladies had been. I can’t help but wonder what topic was so interesting that they had to sit over thirty minutes, I bet, after their meal was done while people are waiting in front of their lines.

Tokyo Game Show 2010 Part 3

Wheeew! Sorry for much delay. I went to the doctor yesterday and she told me I am 80% healed. I am allowed prolonged use of computer as long as I take a break every 30 minutes. So, without further delay, here’s the last installment of my visit to the Tokyo Game Show.

Where were we? Oh.

K-On PSP Game

I saw promotion for the K-On PSP game in Akihabara the day before. It wasn’t to be released until the October 1st, so I was kind of sad. So excited when I see the K-On game demo area, I was so ready to queue. Too bad, there was no queue. They had already assigned time slots to gamers who had queue earlier that day. Sad. Oh well. I will pick the game up when it gets to Jakarta.

K-On Demo Area

Tokyo Game Show 2010 Part 1


207,647 people visited the Tokyo Game Show this year making it the biggest video game show of the year. I feel very fortunate that James and I were able to attend! Nothing was more exciting in previewing latest and upcoming games in the sea of sweaty sweaty gamers. Yeah, I was one of them too. It felt like of the hottest day eve outside, and there was a sewa of people inside. I was in my tank top and quite weak to cold, but even though the AC was blasting in the convention hall I didn’t feel much breeze.

One virtue of Japanese gamers that I commend is their patience. They do not mind queuing, sometimes for hours, for a turn on game demo and to buy games merchandise – which most, I found out later, are not exclusive to the event. What about us? I’ll tell you what happened in the second part of my TGS 2010 post.

Hime Went to Nakano Broadway

Hello minna! Ohisashiburi desu.

I officially returned to my country two days ago. I can’t believe that I am not in Japan anymore. Just about two weeks ago, me and James were so excited as we hurried to pass through immigration, hopped on the train, left our luggage at our hotel (checked in was not until 2PM) and went straight to Nakano Broadway, another otaku heaven in Tokyo aside from Akihabara.

In front of Nakano Broadway

Getting to Nakano Broadway was quite easy. From Shinjuku We took JR Chuo Line Rapid to Nakano Station (not to be confused with Higashi Nakano). From there we followed the map that I had printed up from One up‘s website; pictured below:

If you decide to use this map, please ignore where that pointy end of the cloud bubble is indicating; Nakano Broadway, along with ‘One up’ is located on the green rectangle on the map.

We went through Nakano dori on the way to Nakano Broadway. It was after 11AM, and the sun was shinning brightly.


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