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Hime’s 200th Post Contest – Prizes: Pure Trance Figures & Usagi Mirror

It has been 3 years and and almost 5 months since I first published my first post. I’ve been slow in posting, but without knowing it, I finally reached my 200th post. Maintaining this blog has not only improved my writing and how I organized my thoughts, but it also deepen my love of Japan.

Looking back, I named this blog Otaku Hime because I was a heavy manga and anime fan; hence the ‘Otaku’. In addition, I had an internal princess complex which surface once in a while. Anyway, I am still a princess every now and then. I still view myself as an otaku, but in a different approach compared to the olden days. I don’t watch anime as much anymore, but I read manga a lot more than ever. I think I am a more educated Japan connoisseur. I am more into manga, food, travel and merchandise compared to my anime, manga and music themed posts back in the days. I think my numerous trips to Japan helps shaped my change of interests. I can’t help but wonder what I would be interested about 200 posts in the future.

Hime Goes to Akihabara

We advanced to Akihabara, the Otaku capital of the world, on our second day. In all honesty, James was the most excited one going to Akihabara. He got his Akihabara store guide that he picked up from the hotel ready, with a list of things he would like to find – including a Prince of Tennis, Seigaku jacket and some vinyl toys.

Homemade Curry

Immediately after exiting the station (and turning left), we found a curry restaurant, Home Made Curry TIME. We got two Kare Pan (curry bread) to share between the three of us – I was the one who got to bite both of the bread. And damn, it was good. In fact, it was the best Kare Pan we had all trip. 100 yen Kare Pan for the win!
Dolls Display
Not far from the curry restaurant, we found a display of life like companion dolls. Creepy is what I say. Anyways. Off we go to discover Akihabara.

Yay! My own Junko Mizuno x Kidrobot Pure Trance Figures!

Vinyl Collection

In one of my post last month, I told you guys how much I was tempted to purchase the Junko Mizuno x Kidrobot 3 inch figures. I was a bit discourage with possible shipping cost I have to bear and the number of blind boxes I have to purchase in order to own at least my favorite characters from the manga. So, after days of deliberations, with my heart half crying, I decided not to order.

On one fateful Saturday, me and my boyfriend, James, went to Pondok Indah Mall 2 looking for dessert. We decided to walk around first and found a vinyl store on the skybridge called ‘pompous.’ Alas! Not only they have the blindboxes for sale at a very reasonable price, they also had some open for sale at the same price. It was such a good deal, so I couldn’t miss out! I went ahead and purchased the four sisters and the evil bots. I asked them to give me a call if had open some more.

Junko Mizuno x Kidrobot: Pure Trance 3-Inch Mini Figures

The Pure Trance vinyl toys based on Mizuno Junko‘s manga of the same title had been released by Kidrobot on Thursday, June 04, 2009 at midnight EST, exclusively on their online store. The 3-Inch Mini Figures will be packaged in a blind box, which means you will not know what you are getting. Each retails at US$9.95, but if you want to make sure you get each one of the figure, you can purchase a case of 20 boxes for US$189.

I really enjoyed Pure Trance manga. Its post violent and gory apocalyptic story is presented in adorable and lady like style. I thought that it was a shoujo at a different level. I am really tempted to buy a full case. I want to own most of the figures other than the Mr. Brain human mutant one; but I am sure there will be lots of those.

Japanese Sex Dolls Go High Tech For Japanese Men

I read an article on Gizmodo today about a Japanese middle aged man who spent US$170,000 on 100 high tech sex doll. He claimed that the cost and effort of buying the dolls are less than developing relationship with real women. The man bathes, watches TV, talk to them and you know what with them. …OK… Creepy. More disturbingly, more and more are catching up with the trend; most are in their second puberty or mid life crisis.

In the other hand, I think these silicon dolls created by Orient Industry might be the pioneer of artificial humans (not intelligence) that are available to a wide market. They each have 35 movable joints. They look almost human. In no time, somebody will develop a robotic technology that will fit them; probably as a sex toy. I hope I’ll get to be in the beginning of Ghost in the Shell era before I die. But for the time being, I’ll steer myself away from talking to a lifeless doll.


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